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28 Dec

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Babies born with these conditions are assigned to the sex consistent with their genitals, just like other babies.They feel that this term is more accurate and less stigmatizing than the term intersex.Intersex conditions are not always accurately diagnosed, experts sometimes disagree on exactly what qualifies as an intersex condition and government agencies do not collect statistics about intersex individuals.In their day, Curtis and Leigh were one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming couples, two successful, ambitious, famous people who appeared to have it all, with that ‘all’ including a happy marriage and two fine children.This has been told to me by people who have worked on films with Jamie and by one physician who claims to have seen the records at Cedars Sinai, which leads me to believe, after the whole Richard Gere affair, that Cedars must have a “coffee table” filing system that invites browsing.