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20 Aug

This mutually beneficial relationship is responsible for the evolution of complex floral displays among orchids, and incredible adaptations for flying and eating in hummingbirds.Happily for visitors to Monteverde, a journey into the cloud forest is an ideal opportunity to witness these flamboyant natural displays.We finally found those beaches in the Southern zone of Costa Rica.2.Costa Rica was the only place where the wildlife is really rampant. When we were in New Zealand we dreamed of seeing toucans and in Costa Rica we had them in our garden every day.Click here to read more about the resulting array of bird-plant interactions that truly represent a naturalist’s dream.It took a while for my husband and I to pluck up the courage to sell our house and most of our belongings then move to Costa Rica, a continent we’d never visited before with a language we didn’t speak. But we kept our options open and decided to travel around Central America and visit as many potential places to live as possible before deciding where to lay our many hats.The lush forests are home to the world’s greatest orchid biodiversity, with over 500 documented species and counting.Dozens of hummingbird species compete for opportunities to sip the nectar of this bountiful flora.

I’ve lived in eight different countries and we’d moved to New Zealand from the UK together ten years earlier sight unseen. Although most of our friends and family didn’t see it that way. In the end, we knew living in Costa Rica would be the place we’d love most.They grow corn, beans, cocoa, plantain, bananas and yucca.They also hunt for their food by fishing on the river that took us to their village.While we were happy to send them to a local school and keen to immerse them in the local culture and language, we also thought they needed other English speaking kids to hang out with.Do you drink and eat chocolate every day I asked the village elder as we slowly stirred the large pot of 100% cocoa? He said a few sentences in Spanish which I couldn’t quite understand (my Spanish isn’t great) but whatever he said, had the others around us laughing, apart from his wife who was telling him off but in a nice way.