Life skills teen dating

12 Sep

Grey has a Master of Science in counseling psychology from the University of Central Arkansas.

He is also pursuing a Ph D and has a love for psychology, comic books and social justice.

Before you know it, your teenager will be leaving the nest.

So, take the opportunity now to teach your teenager some critical life skills!

If you must go to talk to friends, take your date with you and introduce them in a polite manner. Listen to your date: You want to make sure that you learn more about your date then simply what you see at school.

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Being able to manage your own money is a cornerstone of responsible adulthood.Make sure your child can prepare a few simple, healthy, economical dishes and understands how the high cost of dining out can destroy a budget and a waistline.Make sure your child knows how to live within a budget, and understands the pitfalls of using credit irresponsibly.Ensure that your child knows how to self-diagnose simple illnesses, knows how to check his or her own temperature, and knows which over-the-counter medications to take for which symptoms.Knowing how to carry on a conversation with adults will help your child with college instructors and potential employers.