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08 Feb

On shoot days, the puppeteers perform their scenes much the way they would if they were in a music video, acting out the therapy sessions heard emanating from speakers in the studio.

You’d think the people who allowed the producers to make audio recordings of their revealing therapy sessions in exchange for free counseling might have wanted their voices altered for the sake of privacy.

Once she had decided on the brief, the next challenge was finding a broad mix of people who would strip down, mentally and physically, for this controversial project.

Karpowicz was keen for the work to feature a mix of ages, ethnicities and genders, but unsurprisingly, London proved to be a great city for finding subjects.

" Olaf Tyaransen speaks with Irish band, Walking on Cars, about their influences, the origin of their name, and their biggest show of 2016 at the Marquee.

Check out the chatroom banter below: The Irish five-piece line the ranks alongside Drake, Beyonce and Radiohead with their debut LP Everything This Way being included as one of the Best Albums of the year by the streaming site.

The rotating cast of patients is made from stock puppets with interchangeable eyes, hair, and other features.

Regardless of why, it appears that many moms are using this forum to make them feel like they matter or to seek validation beyond that which they get from successful careers or happy, healthy families.

Some of you may have been happy about it, while others may have wondered where I went.

Or maybe you never read my posts to begin with—after all I did only write two.

If you name a relatable relationship issue, it’s probably in the show,” says Tom Forman, CEO of Relativity REAL, which conceived of in partnership with New Birch Productions. “We used puppets to protect the identities of the people on the show. In a counterintuitive way, the puppets allow us to make the show more real.”Well, there are some limitations.

The puppet sex–the puppets reenact intimacy exercises–only goes so far.