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20 Aug

Valentine, 33, faced either a final written warning or a dismissal without notice.The DC admitted to "making improper checks of digital databases" according to Police Oracle, which noted how he had won an "achiever of the month" award.Traffic on the 70mph road below was stopped as a man parked his car in the road to break the potentially fatal 30ft fall, while cars were also blocked on Wood View.Leigh, who now works for the Online Investigation Team , said: “We got to 50 to 100 yards away and Mark was 15 yards away, so we didn’t overwhelm him.

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Stephen Morely, counsel for Essex Police against Valentine, told the hearing that he appreciated "any father who has the opportunity to look up people who are having access to their children... But if you are a police officer, you can't do it, and everybody knows you can't." Morely did not call for Valentine's dismissal.

According to Essex Police, the misconduct panel heard that Valentine "accessed the Police Intelligence System once in 2010 and again in 2011 and viewed records (regarding a person known to him) without a proper policing purpose" although the searches were not made until much later.

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