Lee dong gun and han ji hye dating

06 Dec

On the 24th, Lee posted the revelation on his fan website, expressing his deep love for Han. He wrote that though the formal announcement of their relationship is late, it is not a lie. According to staff, “The album promotion and drama filming was supposed to be carried out in April and May.

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Lee Dong Gun himself wrote to his fans, “I am writing this because I think all of you should be the first ones to know.According to sources close to him, “Lee Dong Gun has already set a time to enter the filming for “Every Day Every Night”.He will officially start filming on 1st May and the drama will be broadcasted on schedule in the middle of June.” Besides the drama, Lee Dong Gun will be releasing a single in Japan and will fly there to promote it in the middle of May.Please update this to complete the sign-up process. They've been focusing on their drama filming and such," a FNC representative explained to the media.It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. Lee Dong Gun and Jiyeon's two-year relationship is over. In July of 2015, we were all impressed that the celebrity couple didn't let their 13-year age gap deter them from having a loving relationship.