Least romantic dating sites

30 Sep

No one expects towns in the American rust belt or the cluttered backstreets of Mumbai to tug at the heartstrings in the same way as, say, Venice. Destinations that lay a claim to romance are immediately held to a far more stringent standard.If those iconic hot spots don’t deliver a swoon-worthy stay, the disappointment can be akin to being jilted at the altar.

As a nation of surfers and sun worshipers, beach life in Australia is par for the course.

The trauma is further embellished by the display of associated artefacts.

Once-treasured mementoes are now just creepy relics of pain and broken promises – a gross spectacle to be sure, but perhaps you’ll leave feeling mutually confident that yours is a love which will endure?

Large cities across South America have social and economic challenges, but none fail them quite so consistently as the continent’s biggest conurbation.

When the days are spent worrying about being robbed and the nights too dangerous even to venture outside, there’s not much room for romance.