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31 Jan

A quick glance through any gossip magazine, tabloid newspaper or online news site and it’s clear to see, this is the year of America’s all- singing, all-dancing golden girl – Emma Stone.

Fresh from her Oscar win where she scooped the Academy Award for ‘Best Actress’ in a Leading Role for her part in La La Land, her fresh- faced beauty, fiery red hair (she’s actually a natural blond), and girl next- door charm make it easy to see why audiences around the world have fallen for Emma.

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Stone, 28, plays Mia, a determined actress who tries to carve her own path in Hollywood, in a film that captures the fantasy and reality of falling in love against the backdrop of a dreamy Los Angeles."It's fashionable now to take shots at Republicans and Trump and all that, and avoid the Obamas and Clintons."In the 13 wars we've started in the last 30 years and the 14 trillion dollars we've spent and the hundreds of thousands of lives perished from this earth, remember it wasn't one leader. "In the end, it's become a system leading to the death of this planet and the extinction of us all." Aaron Sorkin, the creator of The West Wing and The Newsroom, criticised Mr Trump as he accepted the Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award for television writing achievement.Moving from her native Arizona to Los Angeles with her mother (she finished her education being taught at home), she set about making her dreams a reality.Her instinct paid off and Emma’s big break came in 2004 when she won the role of Laurie Partridge in a talent/reality show called In Search of the Partridge Family.