Known problems updating zywall firmware dating delilah myspace

26 Aug

Changing Exchange to listen directly on the alternate port, bypassing the NAT port forwarding resolves this.

Should I uninstall my (PC Tools) firewall and try for instance AVG?

For more information, please consult your Zywall product documentation. The WAN interface has a static public IP address of which faces the internet.

The LAN interface has a static private IP address of which faces the internal private network.

No automatic configuration is possible at this time due to limitations in the Zywall firmware.

This example assumes you have knowledge of the Zywall web configuration interface.

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Random timeouts after RCPT TO: may occur which is not reproducible from Telnet.Searched this Community and Google for answers but wasn't able to quite find the right one..If it's not, then read on to learn how to download the firmware you need.You should have created a personalized username and password when you first set up the router.If you haven't, then leave the "User name" box blank, and in the "Password" box, enter "admin." If that doesn't work, type "admin" into the "User name" box as well.