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20 Dec

History Alex arrived in Genoa City to work on an important case for Newman Enterprises and the firm's boss Victor Newman was immediately impressed by the way she was doing business.She was working together with Neil Winters and the attraction between them was high even though they were constantly fighting.She paired her look with a printed crop top and grey suede jacket and accessorised with a black handbag and delicate gold chain.

It was commissioned by Ben Stephenson, controller for BBC Drama Commissioning and Charlotte Moore, controller for BBC One.

Or will she pick the right guy—and risk losing him when he finds out she's a narc? Head Over Heels by Ryan Nerz Francesca Castarelli has to choose.

Dreamy and athletic Jeremy is the most popular boy in her school and the center of her social scene.

But when a big, fast new kid named Samson Hill shows up, Drew finds he has competition for the top spot. Jaden Emory's job is to find out people's hidden addictions—and root them out.

Drew’s dad pressures his son to be number one, and each week we learn more about how far Drew will go to be the best. But when rebellious raver Ally Fayre enters the picture, it's Jaden who becomes addicted..her. Busted by Emma Harrison Kim Stratford has her eye on two different guys—but that's not her real problem.