Kazakhstan women dating

24 Oct

They dream of finding guys just like you to fall in love with them and to take them away.

Kazakhstani brides make the perfect wives for western men.

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Activists angered by the dating agency advert have even called for the government to strip any women involved of their citizenship.

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A curious advertisement popped up on Facebook a few days, appealing to women in Kazakhstan in search of a prospective husband: “An elite group of bachelors is coming to Astana from Beijing to make new friends and to get married. The men are monied, have European educations and speak English, and many of them speak Russian.

Some more enterprising souls even organized a small picket in Astana.

A group of protesters hit the streets on January 11 holding up signs with slogans like “Men protect their land, women protect their nation.” Talk of protecting land was a clear reference to the wave of land privatization protests that took place last year — the implied theme at those rallies was that large swaths of Kazakh land might be bought by rapacious Chinese businessman.