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01 Jan

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Our support team meticulously validates each and every profile carefully on specific criterion before it is added to our database.For example, imagine you are the hiring manager for a pizza delivery company. If a male between 18 and 25 years old shows up at 11am on Wednesday, with a valid motorcycle license, 10th pass certificate, knows basic English and wants to deliver pizza for 8 hours / day for Rs.12000 / month, he has a 90% chance of walking out with a job offer in hand.Hence, Babajob’s purpose as a platform is to get everyone that’s interested and qualified for a better aspiring job to apply and then show up for interviews with employers that want to hire them.New technologies are created constantly and one of the things that makes software so special is that as a developer, you can use those innovations and build new innovations on top of them remarkably quickly.This process of leveraging previous innovations and adding to them is how the world spreads productivity.