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16 Nov

A psychologist’s report said Rayfield’s denial of sexual motivation when he arrived at Caves Beach, with three cheeseburgers that he’d offered to bring the “child” during a previous communication, showed “his current limited insight into his offending”.

Rayfield told the court speaking to a 14-year-old online was “not out of character” for him, and he acknowledged at the time of his arrest he was addicted to online chatting for more than four hours a day.

In intensive care, doctors had to replace missing chunks of his artery.

Instead former Hunter power station worker Alan Rayfield was arrested by police.

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Newcastle District Court Judge Tanya Bright was told one of Rayfield’s first questions to “Jessica”, after he initiated contact on July 27, 2016, was “are u really one four”. Within minutes Rayfield questioned “Jessica” about masturbation and discussed being sexually aroused and “being naughty as we chat”.

The following day Rayfield contacted “Jessica” and asked “how old are you again”, and was told “14”.