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26 Aug

(2006) cast member Bergmann calls his "nemesis"-- over something that isn't quite clear (who has a louder voice? “I have a BMW, a Porsche, a monster truck, a house and 30 companies,” he says.

and other MTV appearances to lay the foundations of a mini business empire.

A lead investor of Beta Blox, a five-year-old Kansas City-based startup incubator, Bergmann and his partners consult, mentor, and market entrepreneurs in exchange for a 5% stake in their business.

By the end of 2017, Bergmann says he’ll have a share in more than 200 companies. Reality TV stars aren’t supposed to have fulfilling lives outside the microcosm of our screens -- and they’re certainly not supposed to have lucrative careers.

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We are here to help bring people together in friendship, romance, cupid, hopefully love and a great life together.At 14, she moved to Spain for tennis training and while there, her parents moved to the U. “But I’m very happy, very pleased to be representing Great Britain. The Daily Mail reports that she has been dating the 24-year-old Wade since her Miami victory.Konta told the Daily Mail that it felt “really weird” to talk about the relationship in public, adding, “He’s been around since Miami and no one cares.” Wade is a photographer and commercial filmmaker.After graduation, he stayed at the institute as Digital Film Making Degree Programme Supervisor.“The Lead Supervisor is responsible for the leadership of a team of supervisors to ensure the continued operation of the equipment in the SAE Institute labs, suites and studios, monitoring OHS,” his Linked In page reads.