Jiyong and sandara dating

17 Sep

I don’t hate daragon, is just that sometimes the fans stressed me so much,everything has to be daragon -.-!If GD is using a red shirt,and Dara is using the same shirt the next week is daragon, I mean c'mon we know that all the YG family share the clothes,one time I saw minzy using the same shirt that GD used at one event and they’re dating? And I find rude that when GD post pictures about him and CL in Instagram fans are like: “stay with Dara? Note: First of all, Im not forcing you to love her, and all brief summary of how kind her heart is and how her past life was so tough.Given its really funny that Mino wants 2NE1 Dara instead of the boys, but it doesn’t warrant a really different reaction from Dae (s knowledge, the girl already has a boyfriend who studies overseas only to visit Korea every vacation. He persuaded the girl to at least go out and see the snowman but again, she declined.If there is one major flaw obsessed fans of Korean stars have, it is they associate the littlest details between said Korean stars to mean they are in a relationship.

The only constant thing in the world is the word “Change” that is why her ideal is someone that is “Unchanging”…makes sense why she doesn’t trust guys.) …The other is Kwon Ji Yong, better known as G-Dragon of Big Bang.His on-again/off-again relationship with Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara has plagued gossip for years.She is getting alot of hate mostly, and it iritates me how such a kind person still gets this.this is not fan-fiction, even google this, it is true, some are from news in the Philippines and her interviews on magazines, and some are just facts that others dont much know how kind this woman is.