Jenny mccarthy hosted tv dating show

29 Nov

While her self-titled chat show proved to be a disappointment, Mc Carthy landed a major daytime television gig in July 2013.

It was announced that she would be a new host on Barbara Walter's popular program .

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The three who survived this would then be asked questions with two possible answers; for each one that matched the Picker's, a candidate would move one step closer to the Picker.Whoever reached the Picker first won the date; in the event of a tie, Hardwick would ask a "closest without going over" question to break it.Day one of the first show that we’re taping, we’re all rushing around through makeup. In each game, the featured contestant, or "Picker", would eliminate undesired dates using six categories ranging from the innocuous (height, weight) to the blatantly sexual ("Bedroom Behavior", "Package").Once eight or fewer remained, the Picker would start asking them -style questions, having them perform certain tasks, or both.