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08 Oct

, by Maria Turtschaninoff (January 3) Translated from Finnish, Turtschaninoff’s dark fairy tale opens in the heart of the Red Abbey, where girls and women who’ve survived abuse and misfortune learn to move on from their dark pasts—or hone their desire for revenge.

Maresi tries to escape her fears by focusing on her happy, bookish new life in the abbey, but newcomer Jai hungers for retribution against the father who killed her sister.

She explained: "In the days leading up to the proposal I was convinced that he was about to break up with me!

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In sync, Annabel and Ellen (who is in the family home's kitchen) both wish aloud, "I wish I could switch places with her for just one day".And Vicky Pattison, 29, still looked to be very much on cloud nine as she and her businessman beau reveled in a day by the pool during their Majorca getaway on Tuesday.Unsurprisingly, the future spouses looked in high spirits as they put on a seriously smitten display while topping up their tans in the sunshine.Their wish comes true when they switch their bodies and subsequently lives.Ellen and Annabel continue to live their everyday lives as each other.