Itunes never stop updating podcasts

11 Dec

I can see them in the store but when I click on "Get" nothing happens.If I double click on it, it will play but I can't save it.All the menu items under the "Podcast" tab are greyed out and not active.I uninstalled i Tunes and reinstalled it with no change. Any ideas what happened and what I can do to fix it?Getting Started You’ll want to download i Tunes 4.9 from Apple’s official downloads page, as well as the most recent i Pod software updater.

--edit-- It seems quite a few people use Overcast and have questions about it.

It may be helpful to see a screen shot so I can try and reproduce it. This is very frustrating because it worked fine for years and then just stopped. Torrent users may need the extra protection of multiple virus scanners, as you don't really know what you're downloading.

My last journal let you guys know that we made changes to our podcast distribution.

To us it is a bug, which means (for now) that a human must update the podcasts manually. Bring it to the front, and click on the podcasts icon next to the music icon.

If you show proceeds a podcast, which is usually a show marked as “syndicated” on our calendar — examples include Back Story, Radio Eco Shock and Big Picture Science — then you should read this page on how to update the podcasts manually so we avoid re-playing previously heard programming. (Arrow 1) 2) If you see an exclamation point (Arrow 2) next to a podcast simply click on the exclamation point. 3) Once you have updated all of the items with exclamation points next to them, please click the Music notation icon just to the left of the podcast icon to return to the preferred view (Playlists).