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06 Dec

Omoni Naitemasu Time: Saturdays 11.10 pm Starting Date: 7 July 2012 Official Site: Cast: Nanao, Nakamaru Yuichi, Kusakari Mayu, Kazama Toru 6.Beautiful Rain Time: Sundays 9.00 pm Starting Date: 1 July 2012 Official Site: Cast: Toyokawa Etsushi, Ashida Mana, Miura Shohei, Denden, Yasuda Ken, Kokusho Sayuri, Takagi Serai, Kimijima Asaya, Yoshida Riko, Oka Mitsuko, Kanie Keizo, Nakatani Miki ========================================================================================================== TBS 1.Yamapi's dramas kinda went downhill after Buzzer Beat. Ishihara Satomi who I am also a fan of is also starring in this drama.I recently watched Kinkyori Renai and noticed how much Pi aged. It was mainly about a forbidden love between a teacher and high school student. Interesting fact: Jnetizens are suspecting that Yamapi will become infatuated with Satomi irl.During that time, I even thought that he look better than Jun Matsumoto.However, Matsumoto Jun won me over with his acting as Domyouji.In this drama, I think Oguri Shun did portray a little bit of characteristic of Domyouji in Rich Man, Poor Woman.For example, their rich man status, low EQ and 'sadistic behavior'.

Japanese drama hard to find chemistry not alot of kissing...It does draw some elements from shoujo manga-esque dramas but otherwise doesn’t stray far from convention.Many of the plot points in the show will seem very familiar to those who’ve seen at least a romance drama or two.Apparently, she is known to date her co-stars because they fall for her charms. Her intimate scene with Matsumoto Jun in Shitsuren Chocolatier surprised me. And while watching Rich Man Poor Woman, I really shipped her with Oguri Shun. Another interesting fact: Shun is known for being a player according to the media.She is quite a versatile actress and played the villainous role quite well. Jnetizens are suspecting that he will break up with his wife soon.