Is phil jackson still dating jeanie buss

05 Dec

"The Knicks' hiring of Phil Jackson is subject to the league's conflict of interest rules," NBA spokesman Mike Bass told at the time.Even though he last coached the Lakers in 2011, and even though he left town to run the New York Knicks three years later, Phil Jackson’s long-time relationship with Lakers president and co-owner Jeanie Buss served as the tie that some assumed might lead him back to the Lakers in some capacity. Even though he last coached the Lakers in 2011, and even though he left town to run the Knicks a few years later, his long-time relationship with Buss served as the tie that you always assumed might lead him back to L. Citing the difficulties of maintaining a relationship while he lived in New York, and she remained in Los Angeles, Jackson and Buss announced Tuesday night on Twitter they had ended their engagement.In November of last year, she tweeted this question to Michelle Obama: "Have you ever been made to feel that believing in & supporting your man is a bad thing? ;) Jeanie." As for those wondering if a mini-Zen Master is soon to follow, Buss seems to have preemptively addressed the issue by tweeting a photo of Jackson and her pooch on Dec. The couple have been together since 1999, and Buss has always been frank about wanting to seal the deal with Jackson. Phil is of a generation that probably would have been happier never getting married.In an interview with Forbes two years ago, Buss shared that she had to dial back her marriage expectations in order to be with him. He just doesn’t want to get married again; it’s not that he doesn’t want to marry me.

House Knicks and House Lakers may not be joined by this, but that may work out for all involved.

"With mutual love and respect, we have decided to end our engagement," the statement began.

"With the nature of our professional obligations and the geographic distance between us, sustaining the relationship has been difficult.

But his relationship with Buss became a much bigger deal for the NBA when Jackson took an executive role with the Knicks in 2014.

It was such a big deal the NBA released a statement regarding the two, saying it had put restrictions in place to avoid any possible conflicts of interest.