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03 Sep

Tropez, France on Wednesday night, and his costars Kate Winslet and Billy Zane were both in attendance! And the star has split from his girlfriend of two years, Alexa Chung, and is already dating again! Leonardo Di Caprio has turned over an Academy Award to authorities investigating alleged money laundering and corruption involving Red Granite Pictures.

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The filmmaker explained Leo Di Caprio's character Jack had to die.

Gageant sur la beauté et la débrouillardise de son fils, Irmlelin le présente à différents castings.

A 5 ans, il intègre la série Romper Room mais se fait virer rapidement pour indiscipline.

The winning bidder can dine with Jack and Rose at a New York restaurant of their choice.

Due to the stars’ filming commitments, they will have to select a date in either October or November.