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24 Oct

"It used to bother me, and now I say, ' OK, if people believe it, there's nothing we can do to change their minds.' Oprah has been so outspoken and I have about my dating life, my desire to have a significant other, that it's just silly that we would deny or hide that because it implies something is wrong," she says.

So what is Gayle King’s ex-husband Bumpus doing and who is he dating?

With an average of 3 million viewers, CBS scored its best May-sweep morning-ratings performance since 1994.

While well behind ABC's 5.7 million and NBC's 4.8 million viewers, the numbers indicate that After initial skepticism over his old network's focus on more serious content, former CBS News president Andrew Heyward now counts himself as a regular viewer.

A year ago, a similar diss happened when Gayle posted a pretty picture of herself on air, with the caption: “Oprah ust called & said tell your makeup artist waaaay too red on the lips today and I said proudly ‘I did that MYSELF’ Dead silence on the line ...

Oprah Winfrey wasn't the only one moved to tears as she told Barbara Walters about her friendship with Gayle King.

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Not that the multi-media mogul would ever allow a celebrity sex tape to surface (if it were ever to exist), but what a trip to think of Oprah co-mingling with the likes of Tommy Lee on the list of celebrities with sex tapes ."For the first time CBS is not copying anybody in the morning," says Licht."They are copying us." What has also helped is a team of anchors who truly like each other. King adds that her relaxed on-air rapport with Rose has led to questions from viewers about how close they really are. ' She said 'you know what I mean.' I said 'I don't know what you mean.'" "They're not dating," O'Donnell notes.According to sources, the couple dated for a couple of years before tying the knot.The couple is blessed with two children in total; a daughter Kirby and a son William.