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25 Oct

Kanye West's pal Fonzworth Bentley and his wife Faune Chambers Watkins welcomed their first child, daughter Zoie Alecia Watkins, to the world at L. Joseph's Medical Center on July 30, Fonzworth exclusively tells Us Weekly. I want to be home with my baby.' She's a total blessing." The 39-year-old actor, who will next star in upcoming flick album, are enjoying fatherhood together.

PHOTOS: Most unique baby names ever "Faune was in labor for 23 hours and pushed for four-and-a-half hours, all without pain meds," the proud father told Us. She did amazing and I'm so proud of her." PHOTOS: Adorable A-list babies "We love our baby girl," Bentley continued. Besides no pain meds, Faune gave birth at a.m., but we left the hospital at p.m. PHOTOS: Famous celeb dads and daughters "Talking about being fathers is our number one conversation now," he said.

LOS ANGELES, CA – MAY 03: Musician Fonzworth Bentley attends Russell Simmons’ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation’s inaugural Art For Life Los Angeles at Private Residence on May 3, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Rush Philanthropic Art Foundation) In a series of Tweets he called his #Master Keys, Watkins listed 21 of the life lessons which apparently helped him find his way in the entertainment industry and beyond.

We posted a congratulatory message to Fonzworth and his beard Faune Chambers and he immediately blocked us and sent us a comment calling us out!

LOL, Fonzworth did you ever STOP to think that your native Atlanta ass has classmates who attended Morehouse with you?

She thought it would happen on Christmas, but I did it right before New Year’s.” Bentley, whose latest video for the song ‘Greener,’ features Chambers, had another trick up his sleeve, following his proposal.

Fonzworth Bentley, aka Derrick Watkins, is NOTORIOUS in the hip hop music scene.If you ain't po, stop being so high post My music ain't just for the siditty and pretty it's for [Hook- Kanye West] [Verse 2- Andre 3000] Shorty you killin em hard with them lady pants Simple elegance looking better when you dance Chest to the sun with your thoroughbred stance You gallop to the rhythms of a native drum chant Your granny must be Navajo Your mama do rodeo, your papa do the saville row I bite you, ain't no antidotes The red blouse do arouse, I come at you like a matador Does attract horny bulls All the girls are waiting to see which one he pulls Eenie meenie miney meenie prenuptial Enforcer in the Porsche in case fools wanna duel You'll cool your fuckin jets, who wanna be next?Ooh, I'll probably get life if I let One off, so I let em go like a pro Sir Andre with an accent 3 triple 0 Ben-jamin, Lauren is the middle name That was given by my mama, success was on her brain Rain?You said you were fantastically well [Bentley Fonzworth] Exactly [Andre] Exactly? But here comes fine right now [Andre] Oh Lord, she is fine [Woman (Fine)] Gentlemen [Bentley Fonzworth] Behold [Together] A lady Perfect wordplay here which brings to light a description of Bentley Fonzworth as “Spectacular” and the lady as “Fine” which is not clearly understood by Andre 3000 until he sees the lady who he understands why she is called “fine”.Looks like baby North West has another member to add to her posse!