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19 Aug

She is a member of the Mata Aho Collective ( and has participated in group shows within public galleries and project spaces in Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas.Bridget Reweti is an artist from Ngāti Ranginui and Ngāi Te Rangi in Tauranga Moana.Her moving image and photography practice explores landscape perspectives and contemporary indigenous realities.Curated by Martin Basher Traversing themes of hope, choice, play and language within the context of contemporary culture, The Physics Room introduces the video work of five young American artists to New Zealand audiences for the first time.

These works are candid, yet savvy, self aware and performative to the core.

Midlength vertical stacks in all four corners: GATTACA/EQUINOX/TURBINE, GOODIES/AL DENTE/SLEEKER, SUBJECT/ONE OVER/ROTH IRA, INFIDEL/CARTONS/EPISODE. SENEGAL, running down in the center, visually stitches them closer. Our constructor probably had some Asian cuisine before constructing this grid, especially since there’s the presence of UDON (16A: [Japanese noodle) and DIM SUM in the grid (49D: [Chinese restaurant order]).

They’re probably one of those groups that I’m not familiar with, but have probably heard their music somewhere and didn’t realize it was them. Although not great fill, at least I got to learn another Hungarian city, with EGER (47A: [Hungarian castle city]).

It’s a mystifying theme until you grab some scratch paper and get to work on decoding the central answer.

There are a bunch of clues tagged with asterisks, and those answers are all 4 letters long. He was active from 1926 to 1971, and was a white dude cast repeatedly as “ethnic” characters. Also in the “meh” category (for me) are ANADEM, AERY, OZMA, OF ID, XOO, LIQ, ESA, SERT, AIRE, N-TEST, assorted abbreviations, and ERODENT.