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31 Aug

Regardless of whether you think it was the parents or Apple at fault in those instances, it's important to understand that parents who provide an i Pad (or any internet-connected device) to their children have a responsibility to not only educate them about how best to use it, but to educate themselves with regards to the controls and restrictions that are at their disposal.By doing so, they will ensure that their child will be as safe and protected as possible, especially if they will be using it unsupervised. When you do, you'll be prompted to enter a new 4-digit passcode that will only be used to access Restrictions.

There is also content filtering to protect your kids, regardless of whether surfing the Internet or using an app.

Turn Off the i Pod Nano Turn On the i Pod Nano Community Q&A As long as you're running an i Pod nano OS 1.1 or higher (a 6th or 7th generation Nano), you'll be able to easily turn off your i Pod nano in just one second.

If your i Pod nano is older than that, then all you can do to turn it off is to set it aside and wait for it to go into "sleep" mode to conserve energy.

If you do have the newer generation of i Pod nano and want to know how to turn it off, just follow these steps.

The i Pad has found immense popularity amongst young children, so it's no surprise that it features some of the best parental controls of any computing platform.