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06 Jan

Brickshots imports your pics and a brick-by-brick instructions.

You'll have to provide your own LEGO, but you can tweak the colour scheme and number of pieces.

Just click the little HDR at the top of the camera screen.

This South Korean Snapchat clone is finding fans among western teens, who use its huge array of animated filters to augment photos.

Owners of Apple's i Phone on average have more sex partners by age 30 than those who own other handsets, and the i Phone takes more attractive photos than competing smartphones, a survey of users of an online dating service has found.

This week, OK Cupid published the results of a wide-reaching poll of photos taken from the online dating service.

That's well ahead of Black Berry owners (8.1 partners for men, 8.8 for women) and devices that run Google's Android mobile operating system (6 partners for men, 6.1 for women).

Going beyond just a single age, the study found that i Phone users at any age between 18 and 40 have more sexual partners than Android or Black Berry users.

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[i OS, free] Prisma Prisma harnesses deep neural networks to reinterpret your smartphone photos as works of art.Instead we've found some ways to go on a digital diet and manageably reduce your screen time.you can still feel all smug and new age without the withdrawals of cold turkey. Keep your sleep sacred The sleep-altering effects of the blue light your phone emits are widely publicised.Advice for such a detox usually involves unrealistic steps like visiting an Indian ashram for two weeks sans i Phone, replacing your computer with a typewriter and setting fire to your i Pad.Not hugely useful if you rely on the internet for your job or staying in touch with people.