Interventionist accommodating the majority in hk

15 Dec

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Over the years, universities in Hong Kong have been focusing on promoting quality higher education by welcoming talents, upholding academic freedom, respecting institutional autonomy, supporting collaboration, and promoting academic exchanges.

Hong Kong's well-established rule of law is applied consistently and without discrimination.

There is no distinction in law or practice between investments by foreign-controlled companies and those controlled by local interests.

Tourism, along with international trade and financial services are the three main sources of income for Hong Kong.

Themes emerged from the literature and discussion groups that guided the content of the intervention.

Hong Kong pursues a free market philosophy with minimal government intervention.

The Hong Kong Government (HKG) welcomes foreign investment, neither offering special incentives nor imposing disincentives for foreign investors.

The HKG levies excise duties on four commodities, namely: hard alcohol, tobacco, hydrocarbon oil, and methyl alcohol. Foreign firms and individuals are allowed freely to incorporate their operations in Hong Kong, register branches of foreign operations, and set up representative offices without encountering discrimination or undue regulation.

This paper describes the development of culturally-appropriate family-based interventions and their relevant measures, to promote family health, happiness and harmony in Hong Kong.