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28 Nov

In the movie, Butterfield plays Gardner Elliot, the first human born on Mars, who comes to earth to meet up with his online pen-pal “Tulsa” (Britt Robertson) and try to find out who his real father is.

It’s more of a young person’s romance-adventure than science fiction really, but it adds yet another leading role to the young actor’s resumé.

When you’ve worked with Martin Scorsese at the age of 13, there might not be very far you can go as an actor, but Asa Butterfield--who turns 20 in a couple months—has continued to have a thriving career since Hugo.

(Maybe that’s because, like Daniel Radcliffe, he was discovered by Harry Potter producer David Heyman for a film called The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.)Butterfield went on to star in the movie based on Orson Scott Card’ novel Ender’s Game and in Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children last year, and he’s back in the sci-fi realm for The Space Between Us.

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With many people living in space, satellite repair will become feasible, making "faster, better, cheaper" satellite production more easily attainable.

My employment background, while primarily centered on [computer] software and hardware development, is highly diversified and touches on many other fields.

I have extensive experience in Windows software development (primarily in C and C ), with concentrations in user interface and experience (look and feel, usability, etc.), multi-threading and graphics.

You've heard the expression "always look on the bright side"?

A Brief Autobiographical Sketch of Fred Koschara: I am a creative, ambitious entrepreneur, with an interest in a wide variety of fields.