Internet dating geek

25 Aug

They don’t want to have the stress of inviting someone they just started dating to holiday parties or family get-togethers.People are also really busy with parties, shopping, and out of town visits.The Blind Geek Zone is the place for user-submitted audio content, and I’d love for you to step up to the mic and share your podcast here.We make it quick and easy to submit—and your audio will be shared with our community and podcast.

Wij proberen al deze interesses te integreren in de website.

Loving how Niantic is stepping up with this little easter egg -- Pikachu on top the shoulder of your player is a direct reference, hat tip, etc. When the update is finally released be sure that you walk the 10km with the SAME Pikachu.

At this point it looks like a select few players are enjoying this new feature.

Je kunt je profiel zo uitgebreid maken als dat je zelf wilt.

Onze profielvragen zijn leuk om in te vullen maar zeker niet verplicht.