Indie rock dating

28 Jan

List of Bands That Are Couples, loosely ranked by fame and popularity.

Music is a very personal outlet and it can unify people in a totally unique way.

Michelle Phillips and John Phillips were married from 1962–1970.

The band split-up in 1968 primarily because Cass Elliot wanted to go solo.

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Known for his strong lead vocals and versatile harmony singing, he is also an innovative guitarist (acoustic and electric).

His style is diverse mixture of British 60's power pop, American folk rock, and modern guitar pop, played mostly with an explosive energy and sensibility.

As a songwriter - he has proven again and again he can write melodies and hooks with the best of them and his penned numerous original songs.

If you’ve never hear of these bands — or don’t know any better than to fake it — you best be moving on.

Nestled between the established bands are some interesting new groups.