Indian dating marriage sites Get paid to talk in sex chat rooms

08 Jan

Indian parents post their children's profiles on the matrimonial Web sites, which have become a successful business in India over the last decade.

Some of the most popular matrimonial Web sites are, and (in Hindi, shaadi means wedding, Bharat means India and jeevansathi means life partner).

They promised that his sister would deal with all the details of fielding inquires from prospective brides and that he would not be bothered until it came time to choose a suitable bride from a selection of candidates.

Deokule said his parents underscored the fact that he was already 30, and they had to explain to all their relatives and friends in India why he was not married yet.

Matrimony sites have themselves to blame for just mimicking archaic practices and making them available online.

So, does this mean that the end of arranged marriages is just round the corner?

Some of us even hail this trend as a sign of women’s liberation. Some young, educated, Indians are disgusted at the thought of being “sold and traded” by their parents through matrimony sites.

One of the torch bearers of this rapidly changing attitude towards arranged marriages.

"We had a major argument after that," said Deokule, 30, who works as a software consultant in Kansas City, Mo.

Eventually, Deokule said, his parents managed to persuade him to leave the profile up on the matrimonial Web site.

By Srinivas Krishnaswamy: With changing lifestyle, increasing urbanization, greater exposure to western culture and media, our opinions about love and marriages are changing rapidly.

When it comes to arranged marriages, Indians seem to have a love-hate relationship!