Illegally validating microsoft

17 Nov

Consider editing the question or leaving comments for improvement if you believe the question can be reworded to fit within the scope. I don't know that it's entirely theoretical.There are two reasons a validation check might fail.To learn more about this event, do one or more of the following: This Warning event indicates that a new log file could not be created because the database cannot write to the log file drive.The event may be logged if the drive is read-only, out of disk space, configured incorrectly, or corrupted.The cause depends on the error number in the Description section of the event.The most common error codes for event 413 are listed below.

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The Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) monitors the Windows Application log on computers that are running Exchange Server 2007 and generates this alert when the event or events specified in the following Details table are logged.

First, the OS could be an illegitimate copy, unlicensed, and/or unactivated. Microsoft has had false positives in the past, and they might have more in the future. It appears Win7 will treat non-genuine copies the same as Vista SP1 does. will only install on an activated copy of Windows, and I suppose it is possible (but no way confirmed) that from time to time if there are product updates (talking about the actual engine, not definition updates), it will require re-checking that your machine passes activation.

That being said, I do not think that it will ever de activate your copy of Windows.

After correcting the root cause, if the database is inconsistent, restore from online backup.

If there is no valid backup, you can restore the database to consistency using the hard repair (/p) functionality of the Eseutil utility, run isinteg -fix until all fixes are removed, mount the database, and then use Move Mailbox to move to a new, blank database.