Hot chat peer to peer

30 Nov

About two years ago, one of the teams wanted to collaborate with him by using Google Hangouts. Heberling shared that he really liked the audio and other features Google Hangouts offered, but the limitation of ten users on the multi-video chat at once was an issue.

Heberling and Patel also used it to prepare for a conference.

I am looking for a P2P video chat application for Windows, that would work over WAN and connect directly to an IP address and port.

I can't find anything that does not route via a third-party server. What makes you think Skype isn't point to point?

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Lastly, he shared that a service like this is needed for small group interaction/collaborative work.Unless you have firewalls that are blocking things, the audio/video payloads should be going from point to point. Both H.323 and SIP can used for point-to-point connections, and there are many programs that support both protocols.But both these protocols require a lot more work to get reliably working through a firewall, or router doing network address translation.We added peer-to-peer fundraising to our event in 2009.We recognized that many of our runners and walkers participated in our event because they were deeply committed to our mission.