Guardian newspaper dating

22 Aug

Lester says her friend branded POF the 'TK Maxx of dating' because while you can find great stuff, it takes a bit of rummaging.Whatever site you choose, the important thing is not to stagnate, according to Lester.Apparently, said user – who is employed in the IT arena – contacted The Guardian newspaper regarding the incident last November, and received a reply confirming the data leak late last month.A spokeswoman for the Soulmates site told the Beeb that only email addresses and user IDs had actually been exposed, but that this information allowed malicious parties to dig up further details on members by finding and combing through their online profiles (which are public).The Guardian’s online dating website has suffered some manner of data breach, with user information getting spilled and subsequently used in targeted spam emails of a sexually explicit nature.

The sad truth is that data breaches are far from a surprise these days, with one coming after another without much batting of eyelids involved anymore.News Town and Country Life with Maria Nolan The Seamus Rafter Room at the Riverside Park Hotel was a buzz with greetings, laughter and conversation last Friday as the Colaiste Bride Leaving Cert class of 1977 came together to renew old friendships and giggle about old times.David Tucker Negotiations are taking place between KPMG and 'one interested party' about the possible purchase of the assets of Echo Newspapers, which closed in June because the company was insolvent and unable to pay its debts.You could go niche with sites tailored to single parents, country bumpkins, over-50s, Christians, or men and women in uniform.On the other end of the spectrum is Plenty of Fish.