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18 Dec

She explained that this exercise technique came from a performance group called Anti Gravity, which coincidentally I had seen IN performance and loved.

Our teacher also warned us that we should wear a shirt with sleeves and long pants, otherwise the hammocks might hurt a lot against our skin.

On the other hand, it definitely stretched out and decompressed my back. The position also LOOKS very complicated and difficult, but in actuality it really isn’t. We basically turned the hammocks into ropes that we draped ourselves over and balanced on.

Over 100 years ago, Albert Einstein predicted that distant stars could be weighed using gravity, yet claimed that 'there is no hope of observing this phenomenon directly.'But researchers have done just that, displaying a particular type of 'gravitational microlensing' that was previously not thought possible.

The findings could provide a valuable new tool for determining masses of distant stars in the future.

Samina, the scholar of our group, confessed the two-week course “taught her to see.” It was a writing class whose instructor, Doug Rice, insisted his students stare into the flame, write without apology, dig deep.

By summer’s end, we had gone separate ways but with forged unbreakable bonds cementing friendships for life.