Granny on cam video

06 Nov

Abuse caught on hidden “granny cams” in recent months has led to arrests and criminal charges for staff at two Twin Cities-area nursing homes.

In a case last month, footage showed an aide at a Hopkins residence striking an elderly patient on the head with an elbow and a hair brush.

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Mother looked gaunt For Jean Peters and her sister Kay, the decision to install a video camera in their mother Jackie’s room was a last-ditch step for a family that suspected lapses in their mother’s care.

“We never dreamed we would find what we found,” said Peters, a nurse practitioner. There was the sudden and unexplained drop in their mother’s weight, from 105 pounds to 94 pounds, which made her already-slight frame look gaunt and emaciated, the sisters said.

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The female aide can be heard repeatedly chastising the elderly woman, twice calling her a “grown-ass adult” as she tugged on her clothing and yanked at her bra. The cameras, which cost as little as and can fit inside a teddy bear or potted plant, have surged in popularity despite privacy concerns and calls for more regulation.

Mc Guire said, "If you see any suspicious vehicles following a UPS truck or FEDEX truck or you see a car, non-stop circling around a certain neighborhood or a street, going back and forth at a slow rate of speed like they're checking out a house, please get that license plate and call us immediately."The victim, who asked to not be identified, said, "No one would expect an elderly (person), whether or not it's a disguise, it sure looks like it's just an elderly woman to me.

I would love for people to know and be aware this does happen.

One victim is calling the figure on his surveillance camera "the granny who stole Christmas."Shawn Mc Guire, of the St.

Louis County Police Department, said, "You just think, two-day shipping, I'll pick it up when we get home from work that night.