Gpp 3 solutions to updating of firmware

19 Sep

Quite a few of you have been looking for some kind of guide and information on this quite serious threat to our networks, so in true Edu Geek fashion, here is an article on what we know and what steps you can take.On Friday the 12th May 2017, it was started to be reported that systems in several of the UKs National Health Service regions and several other major corporations using a variety of Windows based systems had been hit by a cryptolocker ransomware called Wanna Crypt, which had encrypted their files and left a pay now message on users screens.We all know that Microsoft have been bringing Windows 10 along in leaps and bounds since its release two years ago and aside from the more visible features in the Creators Update such as Paint 3D they have also been actively working on creating some extra features and facilities that you may not be aware of such as making the built-in security features better than in any previous versions of Windows.Windows Security Center - Firstly, they have created a centralised management and monitoring area called ...We'd just like to say a (slightly) belated thank you to all those who had attended EDIT the other week.It was a great day and certainly one of the best EDIT confs we have had to date, which also means we'll really have to push the boat out next time!

This opens up corporate networks to massive risk should an attacker get access to the local password database on one of these systems.

Jede TAN ist nur einmalig gültig und kann kein weiteres Mal benutzt werden. Viele Banken haben auf das sogenannte Smart-TAN-Verfahren umgestellt.

Dabei wird ein Lesegerät mir eingelegter EC-Karte vor ein "flimmerndes" Logo auf dem Bildschirm gehalten und erzeugt die benötigte TAN-Nummer. Ursache: Das Problem liegt darin das einer Ihrer Kontakte als Geburtsdatum ein Datum vor dem 1.1.1970 eingetragen hat. Problemlösung: Es gibt einen sogenannten Hotfix bei Microsoft der speziell dies...

This ensures that a user logging on as a member of a group automatically inherits the rights associated with that group.

By assigning rights to groups rather than individual users, user account administration can be simplified.