Google apps email updating

15 Sep

There are a number of different symptoms for synchronization issues.The steps to fix the problem will change based on what you're seeing in the Mail and Calendar apps.Unfortunately, this new Gmail refresh still doesn’t include a unified inbox, so you’ve got to switch between personal and work accounts and view them individually.That alone means I’ll probably be sticking with other email apps for the time being.But if you’ve been using the Gmail app for all this time, well, that experience is getting noticeably better today.

c Panel is equipped with a special menu called Google Apps. Navigate to the Exclusive for Namecheap Customers section Google Apps: 3. Select the domain in question from the drop-down menu and click on Configure: 5. Switch to the custom option and specify the desired subdomain.You've just set up a new account and you see the message "Not synced yet" or "we didn't find anything to show here" You aren't seeing older messages or messages are disappearing from your inbox You aren't seeing your older events or events more than a few weeks in the future Your account settings are out-of-date You see error 0x80072726 or 0x85050041 or the message "This device doesn't meet the security requirements set by your email administrator" You see a different error code or your problem isn't listed here When you first add an account to the Mail and Calendar apps, Windows 10 has to contact your email server to download your messages and calendar entries. If it's been longer than that, try the following steps to fix the problem.These options are presented from the most common fix to the least common fix.So, that means a few changes, but for most of you the only difference will be that sign in is simplified.This update will allow us to stop asking you to select Google Accounts or Google Apps when you choose to sign in with Google.