Girls dating douchebags quotes

06 Dec

Now is a good time to take our entertaining and totally non-scientific “How Much of A “Nice Guy” Are You? Send it to your nice guy friends and see how they score! This guy reveals the truth about the “nice guy” mentality: it’s all pretend to get sex So, these nice guy quotes have shown you that the nice guy phenomenon is real. Visit The Nice Guy Subreddit for more examples of nice guy cringe.This collection of nice guy quotes illustrates exactly what being a nice guy is all about. This man, in fact, is the case study that should be under microscopic inspection when they're trying to determine where the rot in male mentality comes from. Frankly, the most frightening part isn't that men like this exist. Here are few signs that suggest you are dating a Nice Guy, who is actually a douchebag.Can you deal with the rudeness of a text like that if it saves you the time/emotional investment of being led on by a guy who is after sex but hides it?It's interesting to see how in a world of flagrant feminists who are finally being heard, there's still a battalion of men who are determined to stay strong in their sexist thought.Or should he realize that it's rude to straight-up ask a girl for sex?Have you ever gotten correspondence like this, and would it ever work on you?

Therefore, a reaction from the women of India was warranted, and here you have it. For those of you that haven't read the piece, as much as I hate to give him more attention than he deserves, I'm going to elucidate via example. unappealing (he also manages to trash the American female populace in the same breath, never fear, by labelling them 'disgustingly obese').

Number four is when he talks about how we're all like, crazy effed-up feminists. Ordinarily, I might have some modicum of sympathy, but boo-freakin'-hoo is the phrase is the currently comes to mind in this set of circumstances.

Look at us, damn b*tches wanting rights and 'inventing stories' about how we've been raped. Even I, who can find humour in something as grave as a presidential swearing-in ceremony, will not dignify this with sarcasm. He ends on a deeply disturbing note, tell men to get us into bed for the sole reason of 'getting their Indian flag'—easily the most objectifying and misogynist thing I've heard in a while.

One could argue that it's actually better for a guy to be honest about his evil intentions. But, it is actually honest for him to send her this text. Suppose he had done things the "conventional" way, despite no desire for a relationship.

Take, for example, my friend who gave her number to a guy thinking he was going to give her a guest bartending gig. It's a "take it or leave it" approach that is much more efficient than taking a girl on a bunch of dates and leading her on, only to leave after he gets sex. To get what he wanted, perhaps he'd ask this girl on dates, and make it look like he was interested in her. Would he try this tactic if it never worked before?