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01 Jan

The very fact that the number of shareholders has trebled in the last ten years seems to indicate that they have found it a suitable means to accomplish their investment ends.

It will be the place of this chapter to show what advantages the investment company gives the investor, using particular examples wherever practicable. First, investment companies have generally tried to encourage the purchase of their shares by investors, not savers.

I am glad I was given this opportunity to speak again and thanks for everyone who sent me the SMS.

The bankers are the real reason why stocks moved and not because of TA and FA and I hope the trade records combined with some other powerful charts I showed you was able to give you some creative insights on how the stock market really work.

This chapter, then, will be oriented toward those individual investors who can afford investment, which by its very nature entails a certain amount of risk.

Thank you everyone for coming to the SIAS 2017 Investment week and also for my investment strategies for 2018.

Today was a lot of people but as usual, I was there to give a talk and go home while most other sponsors are still there working and holding up their banners.

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