Funding for accommodating injured workers

15 Aug

Medical treatment and medical-legal billing disputes are resolved through an independent bill review (IBR) process.

A medical provider who disagrees with the amount paid by a claims administrator on a properly documented bill may apply for IBR.

IBR applies to any medical service bill where the date of service is on or after Jan.

1, 2013 and where the fee is determined by a fee schedule established by the DWC.

Failure to give notice of the injury may affect a worker's ability to maintain a claim for compensation.

A claim for compensation should be made within six months of the entitlement to the compensation arising.

has prompted questions about the impact of the case on public employees and the labor movement.

The short answer is that it has no significant impact on most public employees or on their union representation.

As the result of intervention by Local 1085, the Civil Service Commission has instructed Gloucester County that a handful of newly hired Public Safety Telecommunicator Trainees must be given regular appointments rather than temporary jobs.One of Governor Brown’s landmark reforms, Senate Bill 863 passed on August 1, 2012, and was signed into law on Sept. The bill makes wide-ranging changes to California’s workers’ compensation system, including increased benefits to injured workers and cost-saving efficiencies. 1, 2013, although some of its provisions take effect at a later date.The Division of Workers’ Compensation offers the following tools to assist you in analyzing and evaluating the impact of SB 863.Delay will not be a bar to the claim if the worker was not aware of the entitlement or how to pursue it, if there were other good reasons for the delay, or if the proper investigation of the claim was not prejudiced by the delay.Generally the claim form must be given to the employer.