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27 Dec

But the unspecified call to arms by the al Qaeda leaders, using a multilayered subterfuge to pass messages from couriers to tech-savvy underlings to attackers, provoked a quick reaction by the US to protect Americans in far-flung corners of the world where the terror network is evolving into regional hubs.For years, extremists have used online forums to share information and drum up support, and over the past decade they have developed systems that blend encryption programs with anonymity software to hide their tracks.One of the officials said the threat began with a message from al-Wahishi, head of the Yemen-based al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, to al-Zawahri, who replaced Osama bin Laden as the core al Qaeda leader.

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It is open to people of any gender or sexual orientation. One after another, they walked into a sparsely furnished house in Clermont, Fla., expecting to find a 10- or 12- or 14-year-old girl. Again and again, sheriff’s deputies burst into the living room and arrested the men for soliciting sex with a minor. A total of 22 men, all seeking the same thing: sex with an underage girl.“Some of the technology you can buy is pretty good, and it evolves, and it is a game that is constantly evolving.” A US intelligence official said the unspecified threat was discussed in an online forum joined by so many jihadist groups that it included a representative from Boko Haram, the Nigerian insurgency that has loose ties to al Qaeda.Two other intelligence officials characterized the threat as more of an alert to get ready to launch potential attacks than a discussion of specific targets.