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02 Feb

So far as Will knew, to Vanya it was a normal guy thing. Never mind the man-hours it’d taken to download it; to create file tags and XML-formatted scene markers; to regularize the file names and formats; to fill gaps in photo sets and find hi-res scans of DVD cases, front and back; to complete the back catalogs of particular performers (since in porn, the juvenilia was often the masterpiece); to build his seed ratio on invite-only Torrent forums; to decipher thousands of CAPTCHAs to prove that he was human; or to assemble the storage solutions to house its gigascale, then terascale, then petascale volumes — he’d only watched about a third of it, so it remained in many ways a mystery even to him.

Certainly she knew of it; that Will dabbled, fleetingly and without remorse. though quirks were usually effects and not causes of one’s personality, and by that standard, Will’s porn watching was no quirk — it was pure trait.

That one-and-done you wanted to ID all these years?

Aline Batistel, and she did a scene as Paula Becker for Brazilian Hustler too.

Trump had been scheduled to come here today, to kiss defenseless babies and pose next to pumpkins and haystacks at Wisconsin congressman and House Speaker Paul Ryan's annual "GOP Fall Fest." Instead, the two men declared war on each other.

The last straw was the release of a tape capturing Donald Trump uttering five words – "Grab them by the pussy" – during an off-camera discussion with former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush about what you can do to women when you're a star. By late October, he'll be caught whacking it outside a nunnery.