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23 Sep

His painterly skills are often attributed to the influence of Renaissance masters.

The massacre, carried out in a rural spot 27 miles northeast of the capital San Salvador, shocked the crime-ravaged Central American country.

A swarm of ants (a popular motif representing sexual anxiety in DalĂ­'s work) gather on the grasshopper's abdomen, as well as on the prone face.

In the landscape below, three other figures are arranged, along with an egg (commonly used as a symbol of fertility) and sparse other features.

Seven members of a notorious tattooed criminal gang were sentenced to 390 years in prison for their part in a horrific massacre of 11 innocent workers.

Members of the 'Barrio 18 Revolutionaries' received a 35-year sentence for each of the 11 victims, plus five years for their links with illegal gangs, at a court in El Salvador.