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Wouldn't you know that on the next bill they charged me over 0 for it because they said I never sent it back! So I said "so if someone stole it on your end I am being charged for it- even though I have proof you received it?I called and told them they did receive it, VZ signed for it. " The answer to me was "YES it's your problem" - "I asked how can that be?They advertise for clients through the Internet and local classifieds.Most popular mainstream newspapers will carry such classifieds with a brothel guides as an insert within racing form guides.Yellow neon advertising boxes were used to advertise sexual services to such an extent that "yellow" (黃) became synonymous with prostitution.

strongly sought - ALL REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED The property lends itself to any buyer that is looking for a well priced home in This custom made Leather Couch by NATUZZI folds out into a large Double Bed. STURDY AND HEAVY WILL NEED AT LEAST TWO STRONG MEN TO MOVE IT LENGTH: 186 CM WIDTH: 90 CM HEIGHT: 85 CM WIDTH WHEN OPENED: 116 CM NOTE: COLOUR IS A BIT GREENER THAN SHOWN IN PHOTOSHow many times have relatives and friends wanted to sleep over but couldn't because you didn't have a spare bed.

Sofa and Sofa Bed (double bed size) 0 each or 0 for pair, both in excellent used condition. She is suitable for travelling around in or would make excellent onsite accomodation. It has good quality zips to remove it from teh seat for washing. Use as single seat sofa or Put two side by side to form a two or three seat sofa. Fully furnished, 2 bunk beds, queen size bed, fold out sofa, large tv, plumbed toilet, all kitchen equipment, large block, working oven, stovetop, fridge/freezer, microwave, toaster, kettle etc.

FOR SALE We have decided it is time to downsize and are looking to sell our much loved "Bus". It is both a very comfortable couch and bed made of QUALITY Leather. Well here the answer;- A double sofa bed in good condition and also a very comfortable couch. Only selling because I'm moving in with my partner and we don't have room to keep this.


EAST MEADOW, NEW YORK -- My first mistake was putting my credit card on my account for automatic payments. I had the tracking receipt showing they signed for it, received it etc.