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03 Feb

If your computer meets the above simple requirements, then you are all set to go.The site called provides a free solution to simply transform your webcam into a powerful spy camera in just a few steps.You can now easily monitor your room, office or workplace for activities going on during your absence without having to invest on expensive hidden cameras.If you’ve ever wondered to find a way to turn your PC webcam into a spy camera, here is a simple and effective solution.

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I really don’t know whether I would get too much of a chance to watch anything while I am marooned there, but when it comes to versatility, no other player comes close. We looked at some of them in two previous posts: But there are still some ‘top secret’ features left to talk about. Using a combination of VLC and your browser, you can download videos from You Tube and a few other video sites. For instance, in You Tube it could be like this: 1.

Learn how to manage and lock down your stored browser passwords.

If the last three paragraphs weren't enough to make you think about giving up on the internet for good, then go back and read them again a bit more slowly. However, you can protect yourself from some of this spying.

There's actually a simple trick that makes browsing much safer.

Every major web browser - Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera - has private, or incognito, browsing.