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17 Jan

Certain non-geographic number ranges might not be possible when calling from abroad of the United Kingdom.This is mostly the case with the 070 personal numbering range, the 080 freephone range and service numbers starting 084, 087, 090, 091 and 098.Google has responded to the FCC’s inquiry regarding Google Voice (see document embedded below).There’s been and intense back-and-forth between AT&T, Google, and the FCC over Google Voice’s blocking of some rural telephone numbers.A non-geographic number is a type of telephone number that is not linked to any specific locality.

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Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at how we, as GROWers, can integrate technology into our lives and our GROW Program (especially 12th Step activities).

The point is you need some sort of microphone to pick up what you’re speaking and speakers or headphones to play it back to you.

Yes, this would mean you’d sit at your computer and carry on a conversation near it without an actual telephone.

Google now says that Google Voice now restricts calls to fewer than 100 specific phone numbers, which Google thinks are part of a traffic pumping scheme.

For those that haven’t been following the story so far: Google’s decision to block certain numbers stems from the way some rural local carriers have been exploiting current FCC rules.