Farm life dating

10 Oct

We’re delighted for Nick & the team and thank all our wonderful customers for their fantastic feedback!Huge thanks to everyone who participated, supported and visited our Annual Summer Fete – what a great day we all had!Available: Monday 27th Feb – Friday 3rd March Pancake Menu Sweet Fresh lemon and sugar – £3 Banana, Nutella and blueberry – £4…

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With all her country charms, the farmer’s daughter caught your eye with ease.Once again we would like to thank all our exhibitors, competitors and visitors who attended the Kent County Show 2017.We had just over 80,000 visitors over the three days who were able to enjoy a vast range of entertainment, competitions, retail and networking opportunities.The farmer’s daughter knows how to take care of herself and isn’t going to wait around for you to show her a good time: She’ll buy her own things and be happy while doing it.She’s also not the kind of girl to blow up your phone with texts and calls. If your ideal girlfriend is constantly at your side and vying for your attention, you’d better looking. Date night may get interrupted by a farm emergency but the calm and collected farmer’s daughter will know exactly how to handle broken down equipment at seven p.m., especially since she’ll know that her equipment dealer has 24-hour field service for breakdowns like this.