Exchange rus not updating

25 Dec

The Active Directory was upgraded, the new namespace is planned, a combined CAS/HUB server installed as well as a Mailbox Server, including a storage design.The last step that was performed in the previous article was the Public Folder replication from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010.I was escalated a call today from one of my team members whom had found a user whom had left the company and then rejoined.Due to our Mailbox retention policy we still had the old mailbox within the store (with the AD Account Disabled and hidden from the Global Address List) – therefore their account had been re-enabled, unhidden and after the usual period of replication the mailbox sprang to life in the store.

exchange rus not updating-85

Within an Co-Existence model – Exchange 2003 based recipients will have the following properties configured by the RUS: However for pure Exchange Exchange 2007 recipients most of the above has been dispensed with – essentially recipients are fully configured when the are created via the EMC or the EMS.Logon to the new Exchange 2010 Server and open the Exchange Management Console.In the navigation pane, navigate to the Organization Configuration and select the Mailbox option.I'm searching to get the current members of a dynamic distribution group by exchange servers.Dynamic distribution groups are based on a specified filter.