Emma video chat bisexual

10 Dec

SPOILER Warning: This post has the potential to upset both those who have not yet seen Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast and homophobes.If you fall into either category, it's probably best you show yourself out now.Or the writers mention that the character is bi purely as a way to make them Spicy™ and then never go anywhere with it (see: Ramona Flowers from SCOTT PILGRIM).

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Of course, if Gaston is bisexual, his representation in the movie would be as insulting as Disney's portrayal of Le Fou — whom I shan't rant about too much now but click here for a thorough NOPE about it — but that's not to say it couldn't be the case; Gaston does fit the unfortunate trope of the "Depraved Bisexual," after all.

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As demand for queer-friendly media has risen, we’ve been seeing more and more LGBTQIA characters in central roles.

Certainly, creators have done a lot of hard work in developing gay and lesbian characters with nuanced arcs and admirable qualities.